2018 Clemson Integrated Plant Sciences Symposium

Presented by Clemson Translational Genomics Association and The DuPont Pioneer Symposia Series

Clemson Translational Genomics Association and the Dupont Pioneer Symposia Series Present: Clemson University Integrated Plant Sciences Symposium on April 20th, 2018


. . .an opportunity for the next generation of scientists to interact with both public and private experts through student-driven and organized events at different academic institutions worldwide.
— www.pioneer.com

 This symposium highlights our vision and interest in sustainable agriculture advanced by cutting-edge science. Beyond that, we hope it will lay groundwork for future collaborative research and educational opportunities among Clemson, industry and other academic institutions. We want this symposium to inspire future scientific innovators and policy makers as we build a network that facilitates the advancement of plant sciences and sustainable agriculture.



Clemson University’s unique position to serve state, national and global communities through developing and enabling cutting-edge strategies and technologies in computational genomics (discovery and diagnostics) and bioinformatics to address critical problems in the continuum linking agriculture, human health, and the environment. 


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